AXC is a boutique print and digital design studio based in New York and Frankfurt.

Christie Grabelle Christie Grabelle
Amory Ledyard Amory Ledyard

We like to think of ourselves not merely as designers or developers, but as storytellers that connect our clients to their audience through engaging visual experiences, using innovative print and digital solutions to provoke both thought and emotion.

A good story motivates and inspires; it challenges us to look beneath the surface for a deeper understanding of the world around us. We believe good design should do the same.

Whether it's a budding vision for your newest endeavor or refinement of your established brand, AXC can bring your story to life through impactful, professional design that will effectively communicate your unique message, while enduring the ebbs and flows of trends and fads.

Having worked on a range of projects - from identity design to marketing collateral, and custom website development to illustration - we have the experience and imagination to tackle even the most complex design challenges thrown our way.


- Marketing collateral
- Book design
- Editorial design
- Packaging
- Menus
- Wedding suites - Illustration

- Web design
- Web development
- Social graphic campaigns
- Digital marketing strategies
- Email template design

Branding Identity
- Logo design
- Branding guidelines
- Visual identity
- Typography
- Campaigns

AXC Studio began its own story as Across Creative, the collaboration between two lifelong friends with a passion for creating quality design that is relevant, yet timeless. As our process is rooted in collaboration, we hold strongly the belief that two heads are better than one. We are committed to hearing your ideas and input throughout the design process and we will always be available when you need us most.

Everyone remembers a good story. Let us tell yours.